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Guy Holland Associates website live

Guy Holland Associates is a landscape architect and each site is a unique piece of land, with its own hydrology, archaeology, atmosphere, micro climate, geology, flora, fauna, history etc. all set within a local and regional context. We are delighted to announce that Guy Holland Associates site is now live. Take a look….

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How to write a design brief

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Firstly, why write a design brief at all: a) It helps you clarify on your objectives. For example do you just want to improve a tired corporate identity, generate sales, encourage enquiries, break into new market areas, launch a new product, or obtain information from your audience? b) It helps the designer to stay focused […]

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Time, cost, quality – the eternal triangle

Every project has the elements of quality, time and cost within it. These three fight each other as the project progresses and the project manager needs to keep each in control. If the project culminates in a fixed event deadline, time can not be compromised,  but if deadlines are missed, quality can be compromised as […]

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