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OXCAT is the Oxford Community against Trafficking whose mission is: “To expose modern slavery in all its forms and to fight any human trafficking.”  The Big Picture has developed and sponsored this site.



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  1. Reply Clare Shakeshaft says:

    Dear team

    I am a clinical trials co-ordinator for UCL, Institute of Neurology. I need help with the design of our follow up forms that will be sent out to patients. We have finished them but they are in Word and look basic, I wanted something professional. We are on a limited budget though as we are funded by a charity. I did use the medical illustration team at UCL for the baseline data collection booklets but they were extremely costly and took so long, that I gave up with them in the end and used my word documents. I am hoping for a professional quick service, turning the forms around quickly, and inputting the design and creativity that I am not able to so we have professional yet affordable forms, that we are proud to post out to patients!

    I’d be grateful if you could give me rough estimates of costs for double sided A4 questionnaires, printed in black and red. We would have 4200 to be printed, for patients, and 4200 to be printed to send to their GPs.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    With best wishes


    0203 448 4072

    • Reply BPAdmin says:

      Hi Clare,

      So sorry I only just got this request. Do you still need any help with design and printing?


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